The Kingdom of God

Book TitleThe Kingdom of God
Author:  Niranan Mudholkar
Format: Kindle

Book Title:
The book title ‘The Kingdom of God’  is interesting.

Book Cover :
The book cover is an abstract map of the then Indian continent, a host for many princely states and empires. The cover gives an authentic vintage feeling of the history.

 My Thoughts:
Often the fiction stories based on Indian Mythology are found to be interesting.  The stories of Gods, celestial people, Kings, Queens, Hermit, Sages etc., have all been a part of a study and reading for an average Indian person since school. As per the blurb, the emperor Genghis   Khan’s depiction in the story was exciting.

The author here has taken the concept of inter-relating the history and present days with fascinating tales and sub-tales. East to West and North to South, the story travels along with the pins of a compass. The concept of good versus evil is written in a novel way. The story also gives a good amount of information which makes me wonder about the amount of research the author has done before scripting the book.

What I liked
          1. The narration and the flow of the story
          2. The very interesting characters of Durga and the politician
          3. The simple and apt language used.
          4. Small details that were taken with utmost care.
What I disliked:
           Nothing to dislike.
The narration of the story is a definite page-turner.

Language and Vocabulary:
Good and accessible language is used.

Rating: 5/5


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