Total Law of Attraction: Unleash Your Secret Creative Power To Get What You Want!

The theory of the Law of attraction is evasive and has always been a fascinating one. To understand this, I have referred to many books since my teenage. I have also read some books in my language Telugu and another language Hindi. Nonetheless, I never understood it completely.

I have had this opportunity to read this book any Author David Che which gave me a precise, crisp and complete understanding of the topic.

In this book, the author addresses the myths that the concept of the Law of Attraction doesn’t work and is all just a theory. With his simple and practical explanation, Author David breaks down the topic into really easy-to-understand steps. Because of this, the book can be read by a beginner also who wants to explore the subject.


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  1. Hi, extremely nice effort. everybody should scan this text. Thanks for sharing.


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