The Mystery of the Graveyard Gold

Book Title: The Mystery of the Graveyard Gold
Author: B. Fuddle
No.of pages: 107

My Thoughts:
To expect the unexpected is exciting.
To know the unknown is thrilling.
Solving the unsolved is exhilarating.

In this short novella by writer B. Fuddle – The Mystery of the Graveyard Gold, three children, Aarav, Asha, and Karthik uncover a pot of gold coins in a graveyard. Why the trio went to the graveyard is an interesting subplot. Aarav and Karthik are schoolmates and Asha is Aarav’s younger sister. Karthik is a boastful fellow and Aarav always dislikes that attitude. Asha is a wiz in her words and sometimes irritates her elder brother Aarav. One day when Aarav goes to Karthik’s home to deliver some delicacy his mom prepared, an unprecedented argument arises between the boys. Karthik places a bet with Aarav, that without help Aarav must spend time in the graveyard. Aarav accepts, goes back home, and explains to his sister how important the best is. The siblings also prepare a plan B in case.

Accordingly, Aarav goes to the graveyard and Karthik meets him there. With few words exchanged they see three robbers in the graveyard and a dirty bag. They both stealthily take the bag and escape. And after a whirlwind planning, they open the bag to find ancient gold coins!

This short book is a detective story where three adventurous kids plan on a mission to know the truth about the pot of gold. With easy language and simple writing, the story flows smoothly. The book has 27 tiny chapters with interesting narration. The characters are relatable and similar in their actions. The suspense is retained well in the story. The cover page in violet shades is beautiful. The font is super comfortable to read.

With the right amount of excitement and morals, this is a recommended read, especially for young readers! Will surely wait for the AKA series’ next book!


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