The Blue Rabbit

Book Title: The Blue Rabbit
Author: Joyce Job
No.of pages: 96

About the book
This book contains poems that are very inspirational, thoughtful, heartwarming & hope-giving. Also, some poems are about the beauty of nature, mind, self & relations. The language used is simple but with deep meanings. There are poems where rich vocabulary is used. The book title itself is abstract and thoughtful.

About the author
Joyce Job, a writer on various online platforms, writes under the pen name Lirio Machito. Poems, short stories, book reviews and blogs are her interests. She writes in Malayalam and English languages. She hails from God’s own country, Kerala, where there is no shortage of art. Readers can find her writings at This book of poems comes from her ever-searching mind and concerned thoughts about the world, environment and nature.

My thoughts:
Poetry is the art form where a few words show a gigantic world. Modern and minimalist poetry that showcases the life,  inspiration, relationships, emotions & many more that a human endures and embraces an absolute treat to read.

This book, The Blue Rabbit, is categorised into three themes – 1. People, 2. Love & 3. Search. The first poem, titled ‘ The Blue Rabbit ‘, depicts the story of a little girl who lives in her world with no adultery in her thoughts and inhibitions in her actions. The poem is written in a sincere tone.

Other poem ‘ Two Men ‘, talks about the lives of two mad men who sit on the railway platform, sharing space with the cleaners in a The verses explain their pain and pleasure with balanced tone. This is a critical poem with questions that pose about the choices one can make in life, be it the job to earn bread or place to live. The poem brings in more grace with some Tamil words included.

The above two poems are excerpts from the theme ‘ People ‘. There are few other poems that will surely entice the readers, especially to name #metoo and Ammu, the cow.

The second theme – ‘ Love ‘ has stunningly interesting poems that describe varied feelings. The word love shall not necessarily talk only about the rose tinted feelings but also that cause pain, anger and disappointment. Similarly, the third theme – ‘ Search ‘ completely focuses on understanding self, role among the people who appreciate, mock and ridicule. The poem – ‘ Two ‘Lives ‘ stands as my favourite.

I have taken quite a time to read, understand and share my feedback on this book. It also gives me immense happiness to say that this book unleashed my interest in deep modern poetry. The book cover is astounding with the cloth finish and a border with golden print. I had a chance to check out other books from the same publisher.

I wish to read more from the author and taste the best experience in reading poetry.


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