Bliss of Breeze – An Anthology of Poems

Book Title: Bliss of Breeze – An Anthology of Poems
Sunkara Ramesh & Dr.Manthena Damodara Chary

My Thoughts:
Since 2020 a lot of poetry reading in English, Telugu and Hindi has been happening in my reading routine. I started baby steps in reading poetry. In 2022, precisely the latter half of the year, I exposed myself to speculative and realistic poetry, but I have yet to try reading them in the way they must be. I took the help of some YouTube videos and started reading poetry on a serious note.

Bliss of Breeze is a collection of 50 poems that touch various aspects of living, lifestyles, incidents, feelings and virtues. The poems and its verses are written in easily comprehensible language but with great depth behind them.

Printed in a comfortable font and size, every page allures the reader with a different view of every poem. Each poem is rich with emotion and poetic characteristics that will straightly prick the brain to endure it and touch the heart. Every poem has its impact on an individual’s perception of the verses. One of the striking point in the book is the uniqueness of the title to each poem. The author has given the liberty to the readers to conceive the title name with their reception of the poems but with a directed approach.

The poems in the book as mentioned oscillate between various things. The first poem named ‘ Salutes to You, O City‘ all describes the beauty and life in a city.

Another poem, ‘ Bonsai Plants ‘ is a beautiful poem where the Bonsai plants are compared to children. Like how Bonsai plants are reared in a small place, the children’s minds today are restricted to various aspects. This point is beautifully explained.

One of my favourite poem is ‘ The Festival of Books ‘. The poem talks about the greatness of a book. As an avid reader this poem won my heart.

In this way, every poem though rendered in effective lines, has a more profound meaning inside every word, line and expression. Some poems also shed light on the dark sides of life in which the soul wanders. The choice of the words, the syntax, the expression and the narration of the poem look as simple as drinking a glass of water. But, while gulping what is read, there comes the essence in the form of a choke.

I took ample amount of time to finish this book and it gives pleasure to understand what the poet wants to convey.


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