Money Is A Life Skill                           

Book Title: Money Is A Life Skill                           
Author: Smita M Gupta
Format: Kindle

My Thoughts:
On this grand day of India’s 74th Republic Day and Basant Panchami, it feels wonderful to share my thoughts on Author and superwoman Smita M Gupta’s third book – Money Is A Life Skill – Celebrating the Resourcefulness in Every Child!

We meet our own three characters, Ahem, Buddy & Atman, again but in the context of the COVID-19 lockdown. This book is a realistic reflection of ‘We’, the humans, and precisely Indians and our reaction towards the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and the Janata lockdown.

The book is a self-talk and self-check with illustrations.

What to expect from the story?
The readers can expect a book with chapters talking about the importance of money during the crisis and how humanity is measured with money. We have seen many cases in the news and media during the lockdown, how everyone was locked inside their houses, though rich enough to buy everything in the world, had to bow down to the simple lifestyles and behave benevolently with everyone.

The changes in thoughts of a human when a pandemic breaks, reflecting the true self with good and evil that one’s conscience, is explained well in the book. Some chapters also showcase the helplessness and infuriated mindsets.

Who can read?
The book is written in a universal language and is suitable for every age reader. The story’s rich writing works as a self-sensor. The kids who might not be familiar with words like Ahem or Atman can take the help of elders. Also, the book helps everyone to imbibe the virtues of humanity and brotherhood with the importance of money and its value.

My take on the characters
There are three central characters, namely – Ahem, Buddy & Atman. From the spiritual context, these three names resonate with ego, intellect and soul. The words infer the characteristics of the characters. It is wise to choose the character names as the traits one person must possess. These characters are a continuation from 3 – When Ego, Intellect, Soul Align.

How good is the Author’s writing style
This is my third book by the Author, and I find this book interesting, like others, for the contents. Her writing skills can be witnessed when the three characters amalgamate with life lessons, feelings, emotions and things related to money and usage.

How entertaining is the book?
Money is certainly an important aspect, and the same is shown in the book. Every chapter’s title is self-explainable, and the contents are absolutely good. The book’s subtitle is the heart of the story, and it is a must-recommended book to everyone. The book teaches us the humanity, discipline and values of how one behaves during a crisis. This book also can be introduced in the school syllabus so that children at a young age can understand the psychology and importance of money.


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