Queer Sapien⁣

Book Title: Queer Sapien⁣
Author: Sharif D. Rangnekar⁣
Published by: Rupa Publications⁣

⁣Review Tagline:
A good book to help the general public comprehend what queerness is like in the actual world.

My thoughts:
The issue of queer living is frequently taboo or ignored out of concern about perception. But nobody should be discouraged from discussing it since doing so is crucial. We will grow more accepting of the LGBTQ community as long as we are more transparent about it. And acceptance is crucial because it’s the first step toward equality.

The lifestyles of LGBTQ persons must be clarified because there are many misconceptions about them. For instance, many people believe that all LGBTQ individuals are sexually promiscuous or desire relationships with others of the same sex. This couldn’t be further from the truth; in fact, many LGBTQ persons seek love and acceptance just like everyone else.

Due to cultural biases and political injustices, determining one’s gender may seem like an overwhelming process. However, the author is not afraid to communicate the melancholy that comes with being homosexual. The path has been heartbreaking yet significant, going from acceptance and dignity in society to battling tooth and nail to find a major position in the world at large. This book by Sharif D.Ragnekar – Queer Sapien is a memoir. Precisely, the book is a collection  of the author’s experiences.

The book contains the author’s personal interactions with others, including their emotions and the invisible lines that frequently put his freedom at risk, as well as nature’s cohabitation system. Nature is strange; it makes room for periwinkles and primroses to blossom next to one another, yet it is depressing how people consistently allow their narcissistic tendencies to stunt growth.

The prose of Rangnekar stinks of bigotry, yet the events’ ambiguity and allusive reference lessen the overall impact. He presents an alternative viewpoint that highlights the difficulties one encounters in this conventional society. The book will surely break sensitive hearts for all the incidents Ragnekar explained in the book.



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