Midnight Moaning

Book Title: Midnight Moaning         
Mehzabeen Hussain           
Published By:
Evince Publishers

Poetry is a form of literary expression that uses language to evoke emotions, paint pictures, convey ideas, and create musical effects through rhythm, imagery, and other stylistic devices. Poems have many different forms and structures, such as sonnets, haikus, free verse, and rhyming poetry. With origins in oral traditions, poetry has a long history and has been influential in many different cultures and groups worldwide.

‘Midnight Moan’ – a collection of poems by Mehzabeen Hussain and her work reflects conviction and honesty. This book was released in 2022 by Evincepub and is available in hardback, paperback, and e-book formats.

The title of a book is an essential component of the work since it communicates the author’s message and connects with the reader. When it comes to poetry books, it is critical to grasp the impression the title and cover have on the reader. A compelling or intriguing title can stimulate the reader’s curiosity and capture their attention. It also conveys a sense of the book’s topic or tone, laying the groundwork for what the reader should expect from the poetry inside. The term Midnight Moaning was chosen by author Mehzabeen to represent her artistic sense entirely. It is, undoubtedly, one-of-a-kind and interesting. Not to forget the book cover, which contributes to the appropriate mood.

I haven’t read a collection of poetry in a long time that genuinely portrays the heart, soul, and thoughts. Every poem has an unrivalled charm of words expressed. The mindset in which I read the book significantly influences my feedback. The work is unmistakably a mirror of the author herself, whether happy or unhappy or occasionally in the reflections of past attempts and failures. Mehzabeen’s art, as one of the many named, is also a successful attempt to show the ups and downs, bright and overcast days, that everyone encounters in their hunt for love!

The book is divided into five sections, each with an exciting title. The poems in these sections are redolent and hearty. Likewise, each section explores self-discovery, love, loss, and growth themes. Mehzabeen’s simple yet profound language and striking word skills create an immersive and emotional reading experience. One of the most vital aspects of the book is its ability to tackle heavy themes in a way that feels accessible and relatable to the reader. The poems on love, heartbreak, and healing showcase different aspects of love. Author Mehzabeen presented these feelings in the utmost sensitive manner. This makes the poems look intimate and authentic, drawing the reader in and allowing them to connect with the words on a deeper level.

Thus, Midnight Moaning book is simple with deep insights into life and is for those readers who like modern poetry.


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